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Life In Balance

Achieving balance in life takes practice.Do you have the tools needed to get there?Think about where you are in your life. Is your career satisfying? Are your relationships making you happy?Are you living in a constant state of worry or stress? Dr. Wayne Dyer reminds us stress is an internal creation. “There isn’t some thing that you […]

Free Yourself From Expectation And Obligation

Freedom of expectation and obligation creates true happiness

This morning I decided not to write the original story I had in mind for today’s blog on expectation and obligation. Instead, I decided to share my thoughts and give you something to think about. To clarify, I’m not talking about basic expectations and obligations such as cleaning the house, paying the bills, or walking the dog. […]

The Happiness Factor

Create your happiness

Today while I was searching for an image on Canva for my newest blog, the search bar asked me what I wanted to create today. I thought, happiness! It seemed like the obvious answer since I intended to inspire happiness for my readers.   For the past few years, I’ve been searching for my happiness factor. I […]

Create Your Serenity Space For Your Wellbeing And Happiness

You’ve had a full exhausting day of cleaning the house, a challenging day taking care of children, or possibly an overwhelming day at the office. You’re emotionally and physically tired. At this moment you’re thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to drop everything and go on a mini-vacation? Just a few days to refresh your senses, that’s all […]