Combat The Flu With These Simple Suggestions

Combat the flue with these simple suggestions

Let’s talk Flu nutrition.

My family has been invaded by this virus this week. Each year a new strain pops up that is immune to last years vaccine. It’s an intelligent virus that adapts. We have been flu free for years but last year and this year it seems to be a bit more potent. We do not get the flu shot because more than likely it is combating last years virus.

So how can we combat the flu with nutrition if it’s constantly changing?

I’ve had a regimen that does not stop it but holds it at bay and lessens the side effects. Here it is:

*Eat as many whole foods as possible
*Limit sugar because sugar feeds cold and flu viruses
*Take Soverign silver (or colloidal silver) and Black Elderberry syrup daily as well as a daily dose of collagen.
*Lots of clear fluids, water with lemon (lemon has antibacterial properties), chicken broth, soup, herbal tea (if you know me, I love my tea) no sugar or milk added.
*Diffuse essential oils throughout the home. Lemon and Tea Tree oil are awesome and antibacterial. Peppermint is great for opening up the sinuses and helping with pain. When using Eucalyptus oil make sure you’re not using it on small children. It can create the opposite effect causing creating issues. If you have a blended oil made especially to combat viruses, use it! Oregano on the bottom of your feet will help reduce fever.
*Rest, rest, rest! I am SO bad at this but if your body is telling you rest, listen to it.

No one is immune to the flu but you can lessen it’s harsh effects following a good whole food diet and using supplements that add value to your health.

I’ll be resting up the next few days. I hope everyone is staying well.

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