Create Your Serenity Space For Your Wellbeing And Happiness

You’ve had a full exhausting day of cleaning the house, a challenging day taking care of children, or possibly an overwhelming day at the office. You’re emotionally and physically tired. At this moment you’re thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to drop everything and go on a mini-vacation? Just a few days to refresh your senses, that’s all you need. But the reality sinks in, there’s no time for that and you desperately need it now. If only you had a place of your own where you could go and relax for just a few minutes.

Imagine having space in your home that serves this purpose. A space that you will designate where you can restore your energy and reboot your emotional wellbeing. In this space, you can read, relax, meditate, sit with your eyes closed, do anything you’d like. This is your serenity space.

You can create this ideal space in your bedroom, in a corner of your family room, a sunroom. Make it anywhere you know you’ll be able to relax when you need to. Turning your bedroom into your serenity space is an ideal option because it is already a place of privacy.

You’ll want to create boundaries around this space. Let other family members know this is where you will be going to rejuvenate and relax. Ask them to respect your privacy when you are in your serenity space. Set a time limit for uninterrupted relaxation. Unless there is an emergency, family members can wait 15-30 minutes for your undivided attention. You’ll better be able to give them the attention they need once you’ve had some time to reboot.

Enlist your significant other’s help if they are home. Ask them to occupy smaller children with an activity. This will also promote bonding time for your spouse and your children.

If you’re single with children, setting a timer they can see and giving your children an age-appropriate activity to occupy them helps. If you can wait for your serenity time until after the children go to bed, make that your time to relax.  It’s okay to have some time for yourself so you can feel refreshed.

Respect your time and space and others will too. Turn off cell phones and return calls or text messages after you take some time for yourself.

Now that you have picked out a place, and you have boundaries set, it’s time to create your space.

Let’s use your bedroom as an example. If your bedroom will be your serenity space clear out all your children’s items. Collect all the toys, shoes, clothing, anything that does not belong in your bedroom and put those items where they belong. Ask children to keep toys and other items out of your bedroom. Let them know what you are doing. Encourage them to create a space of their own where they can go to relax when mommy does or when they need to. Everyone needs some alone time. It’s a healthy practice.

Next, put away all your clothing and de-clutter the room. Put mail where it belongs, organize personal reading materials in a basket next to your bed or in a different reading area. If you share a bedroom ask your significant other to de-clutter as well. This will be a space that will benefit them as well.

If you have a chair or other piece of furniture to sit/lay on and relax, add some comfortable pillows to it and a favorite throw blanket. You may have these items already in your home. Don’t fall into the habit of using this area as a catch-all. Clear it off every day if needed.

Some other items you may want to add to your serenity space are:

  • candles for low relaxing lighting
  • essential oils with a diffuser for mood enhancement
  • meditation balls to focus on and relax your mind
  • restorative music
  • a meditation pillow or mat
  • curtains and bedding with colors that invigorate or provide serenity
  • pictures on the wall of nature that evoke calmness and peace
  • sculptures
  • fresh flowers

Add anything to your space that you feel will support your relaxation process. Make it as relaxing or invigorating as you desire. The items I mention can be found online or in local stores. I recommend battery-powered candles if you have young children and fire safety concerns. You can find ones made of real wax that simulate candlelight.

This is your goto serenity space to practice mindfulness and living in the present moment.  Being present will give you clarity of mind. Use your time in your new space to refresh your senses and come out a happier you.

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