Experience Life

Toss the shiny objects and experience life

It’s the experience of life that genuinely increases your happiness factor.

I have had an eye awakening experience this past month. I moved into a new home with my fiance’ and our children leaving behind many of the treasures I filled my past life with. For years I collected dolls and figurines, had a separate area for Christmas and Halloween decorations that when the time came to put them up, they filled every room of my home.

They brought me joy in times of sadness when my life was less than ideal. I filled the emptiness I was feeling with things. I was the cliche; it’s better to be alone than to be with someone and feel alone.

Although I was fortunate enough to have enough storage space in my old home I now want to be free of them. They served their purpose at a time when I needed them. These past few years have brought me some clarity.

You see, when I changed my perspective and lifestyle, I no longer needed to fill it with things. Besides, it wasn’t doing my bank account any good. It’s great to have nice things, but it’s more important to prioritize and have food on the table, and the mortgage paid.

Something good was occurring in my life. I resisted my equivalent to the shiny object syndrome (yes I even jumped from business idea to business idea) and read more, studied the world more, wrote more, and had experiences I never thought possible on my own.

No money required, just opening my eyes to the world around me and letting it all in. Family road trips with no technology, swimming in rivers on a hot summers eve, yoga at sunrise in beautiful silence, local art shows, discovering new museums, friendly conversations with new people in stores and cafes took the place of the need for more things.

Then I met someone who wanted to share those experiences with me. The more we experienced together, the less I felt the need to fill my life with shiny objects. I would have traded all my dolls and decorations in years ago for a life filled with exploration and meaningful experiences.

John and I began to travel together and plan adventures to look forward to. We’ve experienced more together in the past two and a half years than I had in my lifetime and it has been amazing. He bought me a bucket list book for my Birthday, and we are currently working on adding to it.

Things can make you happy for a short time, but life experience will last a lifetime. Give yourself permission to put down the shiny object in your hands and create something magical with them instead.





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