Good Stress, Bad Stress, What’s The Difference?

Participate in something you love to keep your mind off food.

Everyone experiences stress in some form or another. How we deal with it defines the outcome of the stressful situation.


We often equate stress to negativity and we forget stress can also be good! Recently I have experienced both and I began to take notice of how each one affected me. Then I began to research both types of good and bad stress and its’ effects upon the body.


Negative things have happened to me time and time again, personal, financial, you name it. I personally have noticed practicing daily meditation greatly reduced my stress response to negative stress. The act of focused breathing alone has helped me on several occasions and can be done anywhere at any time. It brought me back to my center where I was able to release the negativity and deal with the cause of the stress with a level head. In doing this, my response to negative stress, which was not within my control, was calm and rational. I could not control some factors, but I could control how I reacted to them.


When a positive stressor would occur, such as an added activity to my daily calendar, a new deadline for a project, I noticed it would produce a positive energy surge inside me. I took that newfoundenergy and used it to be more productive with my time. It produced an “I can do this!” attitude and the outcome was always very rewarding when I had a positive outlook. I see these things as positive stressors, although some might say, “how can I possibly do more?” I say: “Let’s reorganize and make it work!” Let’s do this! Then breathe.


*It’s okay to say no when we CAN control the stressor. We don’t have to take on more than what we are willing to do. Knowing our personal limitations and boundaries greatly reduces stress.


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