Just Say NO


Are you able to say “No” when it comes to people asking for favors? Are you able to excuse yourself from activities that you’re not interested in participating in? If you’re like most people saying yes comes easier than saying no. You want to be agreeable, likable, a team player. But at whose expense? You can still be all the above while saying “No.”


It’s okay to say “No.” Saying yes can be an energy drain, especially when you’re saying yes to something you really don’t want to do. If saying no offends a colleague or acquaintance they are not your tribe. Value your time. Say yes when the proposition in question is in alignment with your values. No excuses are needed when saying no. It’s a simple, “No, I am unable at this time.” Surprisingly enough, others may follow your lead in a positive way.


If you find yourself in the predicament of always saying yes when you mean no, I offer a 4 hour workshop called Removing the Mask. This intensive session empowers you to just say no when you mean no and feel good about it. People pleasing can be exhausting. If you find yourself in this role and want to break free of it in a positive healthy way, let’s have a conversation. Contact me today to learn more.


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