Live, Live, Live!

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-10-07-39-amNot to long ago I was pondering the question, what if something were to happen to me tomorrow, would I be satisfied with the life I led? I thought for awhile and my only regret would be not living life to the fullest.


In the past it was a scary thing for me to actually do what I felt was best. I worried about judgement from other authority figures. Would I look disagreeable, would I lose friends, do I know enough, am I enough, would I be seen as a trouble maker or high conflict? I worried for so long about these things that I let my worries run my life. It was exhausting and not very self-loving.


I allowed myself to be defined by other people’s judgements of me. What a revelation. I was allowing other people to take control over who I was and how I was seen by others based on their perception. They were not me and I certainly was not them. When I decided I didn’t need anyone’s approval but that of my own, I moved into a state of over all wellbeing. I believe God gave me this life, this body, and this soul for a purpose. Why would I give control over it to anyone else?


I learned a valuable life lesson, living MY truth set me free from judgement. I aligned with the right friends and I earned more respect from my peers for being who I truly am. I became vulnerable in a very good way, it felt extremely empowering.


I often go back to one of my all time favorite movies, Auntie Mame staring Rosalind Russell (my favorite version), to remember “Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! Live, live, live!”


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