One Small Change

A few years ago I decided it was time for me to make a lifestyle change. There were many areas of my life that I was not satisfied with. Setting goals, which included healthy eating, getting active, returning to my spiritual practice, and releasing relationships that no longer served me in a positive way, was my first step. For me to reach my goals I needed a plan, I needed to keep moving forward with no excuses and no compromises. This was my time to become the person I knew I could be, healthy, happy and alive again!


From personal experience, when my clients begin to set goals I suggest they:
-Seek support from loved ones. Let them know your goals and thank them for being a part of the good things in your life to come. These are your cheerleaders, anyone who has supported you through good times and bad with no judgement.
-Set realistic, attainable goals. One small change at a time amounts to many positive changes. When you set yourself up for success, failure is not an option.
-Keep a positive attitude. Setbacks happen, be willing to see setbacks as a learning experience, keep moving forward.


My decision to change my lifestyle led me to better health, happiness, a fruitful family life, and relationships I feel blessed to be part of. I enlisted family and friends who wanted to see positive changes in my life. My goals were easily attained, I set myself up to succeed with an action plan I put in place to reach my goals. I had many setbacks but with a determined mindset I kept moving forward. I saw the end goal in my mind. What would it feel like, what would it look like to lose my weight, be in a healthy relationship, have the career I dreamed of.


If you could imagine that for yourself, would you start moving towards your goals today? I’m here to help inspire you.

2 thoughts on “One Small Change

    • Barbara says:

      Cher, that’s a great question! I decided to take control over my life and not live by anyone else’s rules. The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer was a huge catalyst for my ultimate transformation. I watched it on YouTube one evening and it ignited my soul again.

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