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6 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Diet (And Get Your Family Involved)

It seems a bit contradictory to say keep your mind off food during a diet. After all, you’re changing your lifestyle and food plays a big role.

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The book also ranked No. 2 in the Personal Transformation Self Help category, behind A New Earth.

Bruno’s book is a helpful guide that provides a balanced perspective for anyone who is ready to experience positive changes in their lives, by balancing the complex dynamic we develop between food and personal relationships…

Barbara Ann Bruno

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5 Ways to Reward Kids For Good Behavior That Don’t Involve Food

Many moms struggle with this reward system on a daily basis. You’re trying to navigate the waters of parenting tips as best you can. At times, it feels impossible when the temper tantrums begin. You pull a lollipop out of your bag handing it over to your little one in the hope to soothe his sorrows and bring about a better disposition.

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11 Not-so-Romantic-but-Essential Tips to Be Happier and More in Love with Your Partner

Intimate relationships have a strange way of revealing flaws. Here’s how to stay in love, anyway!

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12 Ways To Know FOR SURE If He’s The One You Should Marry

Is he sensitive to your needs in and out of the bedroom and self-confident enough to let you shine?

Your man loves you. He sees you as perfect the way you are — messy hair, first thing in the morning, and when you cry. You’ve never felt so in love and you begin to wonder: “Is he the one for me?”…

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7 Things A Good Guy Will Never Do To A Woman He Loves

A good guy will never talk about the woman he loves in a derogatory way. He mentions her attributes.

In my relationship history I’ve been in two types of long term relationships; one where I was an extension of my partner and one where I am now an equal with my partner. . . . Both relationships taught me a lot, especially what a good guy would never do to the woman he loves. Here’s what I’ve learned:

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How To Cultivate A Harmonious Life Garden

Practical advice on how to thrive emotionally while setting healthy boundaries.

Everyone has what I call a life garden. What is a life garden? It’s a metaphor for the way in which we grow and what we will produce in our lifetime. We choose what we put into the universe and we choose what we allow to grow within us depending on how we cultivate our lives. If we choose a positive lifestyle and surround ourselves with our tribe, like-minded people, we will cultivate a garden of peace and harmony. . .

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5 Tips to Replenish the Romantic Quotient in Your Relationship

Rekindle the romance in your relationship with these 5 tips

It’s a Friday night. The kids are running around the house playing tag while waiting for the pizza delivery guy to arrive with their extra cheesy pepperoni pizza. Your husband is in the bedroom changing into his weekend sweats and T-shirt after a long day at the office. You take a moment to sit down, your thoughts wander to the Friday nights of the past. A smile slowly spreads across your face as you remember dining out and talking to your husband until the sun came up. It warms you to your core and you think- I want that again.

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6 Steps to Manifest Your Most Authentic Life

A few years ago, I was not living life authentically. There were days I could hardly get dressed due to depression caused by living an unhappy life. With some deep soul searching, and a few tears, I was able to break through my fears and become my authentic self.

Barbara Ann Bruno

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Take the Initiative To Care For Your Overall Wellbeing

Over the past few years, my main focus has shifted from nutritional wellbeing to emotional wellbeing. Both are extremely important to live a balanced life. Although well versed in both areas, I chose to focus on relationship work; healthy relationships affect physical health.

Barbara Ann Bruno

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