The Happiness Factor

Create your happiness

Today while I was searching for an image on Canva for my newest blog, the search bar asked me what I wanted to create today. I thought, happiness! It seemed like the obvious answer since I intended to inspire happiness for my readers.


For the past few years, I’ve been searching for my happiness factor. I thought I had found it through writing about my past. I figured if I could tell my story it would make me feel better, even happier. It did at first, but after a while, my story was affecting my wellbeing.


I told my story about one million times. I wrote a book about healing and healthy lifestyle changes with a fraction of my story in it, then a short story revealing more. Those were healing channels for me and for many others who related to my struggle.


Then I began to write posts and blogs and published articles which went deeper into my past experiences. With each one I found myself falling deeper into the past, dredging it up and having sleepless nights over what went wrong. My happiness factor was slowly deteriorating. I needed to discover a better way to channel my feelings and thoughts.


For one, I read a lot about what makes people happy. I received a book called The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking in one of those monthly subscription boxes and thought, perfect timing, thank you universe! There were many principals I was already following which made the book very relatable. Other areas needed improvement in my life, mostly mindfulness, so I got on that, checked it off my list and felt an increase in happiness.


Then I was introduced to The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide To  Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz. It was very eye-opening. I once again I found practical advice and principals I was already following but one, in particular, I had not yet mastered, not taking things personally. No matter how many times you hear this from friends and family, and you know it’s true, you can never quite master it completely. This book broke down this principle for me into digestible pieces. This year has been a peaceful year, and my writing has reflected it. My happiness factor increased again.


Before searching for my happiness, I discovered Dr. Wayne Dyer. His teachings were at the start of my new life. I had some direction, but my understanding of who I wanted to be was at its infancy. I knew I wanted to be truly happy and I did not want to continue to live in the world I had trapped myself in. I choose to sit and watch The Power of Intention on YouTube. It was broken down into two parts. I was immediately mesmerized by the words this man spoke and the way in which he delivered them. It clicked, and my journey began.


You may be thinking, “How do I achieve my happiness factor?” It’s a personal choice. You get to choose what makes you happy every single day. You can start by seeing happiness as a verb, not a noun. Turn it into action through your art, writing, photographs, business, parenting, etc. Make the conscious decision to bring happiness into your life. Read books that inspire you to grow, watch videos that ignite your passion, and choose a path you feel good about following.


Wouldn’t it be great to embody the feelings depicted in the picture here, carefree and happy? Happiness is a choice.


The Power of Intention Part One

The Power of Intention Part Two

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