Trust is a Hard Lesson to Learn

I am a very optimistic person.  I see the good in everyone.  I trust when I speak to someone about a sensitive subject that it twill be kept confidential.  I give the same courtesy in return.


When your trust is broken by someone it hurts.  There are many reasons people do this, but in the end the result is the same.  You feel betrayed, foolish, angry, sad.  Your first thought may be: “How can I trust this person again?” OR “Should I trust this person again?”  The answer:  it depends on the circumstance.


If it’s an ex who has done this to you multiple times, learn your lesson, move on, and in the future, keep to basic conversation if you still need to be in one another’s lives.  If it’s a co-worker or friend ask them why they felt it necessary to divulge your private, personal information to others.  Let them know if you wanted other co-workers/friends to know your personal business you would have told them yourself.  It’s okay to confront someone in a constructive way if you are absolutely sure they have broken your trust.  People who show no remorse for sharing your personal information or revel in your angst over it will continue to betray your trust.  You may want to consider breaking ties with such a person, or at best, keep them at arms length if you cannot break ties.  If the person is apologetic after you speak to them you will know in your gut if the apology was genuine and if you can trust them again.


Trust is a very hard lesson to learn, a lesson we can grow from.  The most precious gift you can give yourself is self-trust.  Listen to your inner voice, hear it and follow it.

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